Characteristics of a BMW

The reputation of BMW

steering wheelCongratulations! You have decided to buy a BMW car. We don’t want to teach you a lesson and tell you why BMW´s are so nice, rather we like to talk about the distinct features these cars have. Not long ago, the brand BMW was named the world´s most reputable company from no one else than Forbes. The value of this label is not debatable and we from think it is well earned. First of all the look.

Three attributes that every driver love – sport, speed and class

Come on. Have you ever seen a BMW that doesn´t look good? Even if you do not like their traditional design, you have to admit, that these cars are classy. The designers from BMW play it safe, but they play it really good. It doesn´t matter if it is a new version of a BMW 7er or if it is a BMW X5. The cars always look pretty decent. Combining class, sport and power. These attributes are hardly to resist when it comes to cars and they contribute a lot to the success of the BMW brand.

Sometimes the outside distracts from the inside. In other words, sometimes the outside is so beautiful that one doesn´t want to look at the inside and in many cases it is better to not look at the inside. However, if you miss the chance to look at the interior of a BMW, you will miss the opportunity to see a really beautiful car. The devices in the BMW are always state of the art and very reliable, not to mention the comfortable seats you will find and that put many drivers at risk to fall asleep, during a very long drive. The next time you see a BMW, it is strongly recommended that you take a look at the interior as well.

Go ahead and drive 120 mph on the Autobahn

bmw from the front One sure shot of a BMW is the speed of the cars. Their horse power is astonishing and unfortunately we are not allowed to drive the maximum speed of the cars in the USA. But if you have the chance to visit Germany, why don´t you test the Autobahn one time? That experience will underline your opinion of the speed of a BMW. There are almost no speed limits and even more, in German driving schools it is taught that you have to have a decent speed on the Autobahn, in order to not put yourself and others in a dangerous situation.

When the cars can drive that fast it is necessary that they can protect the driver as well. Fortunately that is the case with BMW´s. Have you ever heard of the term „German Angst“, literally it is translated to German fear. Sometimes fear is not a good advisor, but that saying cannot be applied to the design of a car. There is the ADAC, a German automobile club that makes sure that the security technology is state-of-the-art and that risks are minimized, as much as possible. Car Locksmith Sacramento, Car locksmith Roseville CA, Car locksmith Elk Grove CA

The popularity of German cars

Why are German cars so popular?

GermanyHave you ever wondered why the most expensive cars come from oversea? Well in the middle of Europe, more precisely in Germany, some very popular cars are build. Not only BMW, although the brand from Bavaria is very popular and famous, but also Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and Audi. These cars are so popular because of many reasons. These reasons will be discussed in this article. Enjoy it!

Common associations with Germany – Beer, cars and soccer

What comes to your mind, when you think about Germany or Germans? Probably „no humor“ discipline, precision, beer and soccer. But there are also the very popular cars. These cars are so popular that they even are featured in contemporary pop culture, take for example the BMW that was featured in the James Bond movie, when Pierce Brosnan laid in the back of the car and drove it.

These cars are so popular because they combine many aspects that drivers love. First there is the precision. Like it
was stated in the latter paragraph, one common association is the precision, for example of the machines that are build in Germany or more traditionally the good old Kuckucksuhr that is exported to the whole wide world.

Precision is extremely important with regards to cars. If it lacks precision it is likely that the driver will crash. A situation that has to be avoided by all means. The second aspect that makes these cars so popular is the long machine building tradition in Germany. Back in the days, the car was invented by Karl Friedrich Benz. This pioneer set the basis for the contemporary automobile industry. Of course, back then there were many accidents and many people died, but without his engineering skills, it wouldn´t have take an even longer time, until we would have drove a car for the first time.

Professional drivers love German cars

German cars are not only featured in the pop culture, but also in the sports world. If you look at the modern Formula Kuckucksuhr1 series, you see many German cars or engines. For example, the team McLaren Honda or Mercedes AMG Petronas. While the Formula 1 is a popular sport around the globe it is clear that the world wide popularity only fuels the reputation of German cars.

Last but not least, one has to mention their quality. Their endurance is astonishing, even when it comes to cars that are driven on a daily basis with extreme speed, like it is common on the Autobahn. When you have a problem, you can be sure that the mechanics can help you with replacements for your cars and their help comes often within 72 hours or even less.

There is no doubt that German cars are extremely popular and if you want to buy a German car, you can almost be sure that you invest your money wisely. Of course, there are always exceptions but normally you shouldn´t have to many problems with your car, but instead an extremely powerful car.
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